About Us

About Us

Technology for next generation been the passion behind this initiative and when it comes to Green operations initiatives in the automotive industry, we want to create a foot print by producing the next generation mobility solution and products to make a clean and green move Appropriately maintain standards compliant total linkage with cutting-edge technology. Enthusiastically create seamless synergy rather than excellent value for the future.


Krossmark is an Esaplling entity, Aims to create a land mark in the horizon of Electromotive, by introducing the best in class products and custormer satisfaction.

Make In India

Make in India, a type of Swadeshi movement covering 25 sectors of the economy, was launched by the Government of India on 25 September 2014 to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India and enthuse with dedicated investments into manufacturing and we are product to be part of it to increase export which will improve the economy and India will be transformed into a global hub of manufacturing through global investment using the current technology. Manufacturing will also boost India's economic growth and GPD


We breath techlogy, R&D is in our blood and our products and services are always unique with no completions in market.

Customer Satisfaction:-
Being an Indian company Cultual upbringing is to respect every customer and there end users and provide ultimate solution addressing all challanges

Market Recongnization:-
Recognization always boosts us to identiy and create simplified solution for our customers.

Focus to Solution :-
Our focus always been into R &D so we spent almost 10 Years designing and implementation solutions, now it’s time for us to go to market.

Concept to Product :-
We are from a stong technology back ground so we do envision an end to end solution looking at the conecept note.

Driver to Stand unique :-
Demand always fuels us with a new requirement and we have been doing the same to a great extend, Now it’s time to explore the horizon.

Repair and Inspection

  • Professional car cleaning
  • Monthly car inspections
  • Inner car cleaning
  • Car painting assets and service
  • Selling car materials and stuff
  • Repair cars and materials
  • Car painting assets and service
  • Selling car materials and stuff
  • Repair cars and materials


“We do stand out of creed only because we think out of the box and we deliver best in Class.”