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  1. How many models do we have?

  2. Krossmark is currently having 2 models in Two-wheeler i.e., Neon and spectra

    Along with that, Krossmark is currently into the whole electric eco system we are into Two-wheeler, Three-Wheeler, electric buses, charging station and swape station.

    Krossmark is not only comprised to manufacturing of electric vehicle but we are into the whole electric eco system such as, charging station and swape station with the intention of expansion in future.

  3. How to book Krossmark electric Vehicles?

  4. You just have to visit nearest dealer and they will assist you to book an electric vehicle according to your use, need and requirements, As convenient as that.

  5. What kind of battery does krossmark electric vehicles have?

  6. We use Lithium-ion batteries which are incredibly efficient in all terms.

  7. Is Krossmark electric vehicle a good investment for the future?

  8. In terms of investment, Krossmark vehicles can be considered as a value for money investment as you do not need to spend on increasing price of fuel.

  9. How fast do electric scooters go?

  10. Krossmark has a range of electric scooters in low speed and high-speed categories. Visit to the nearest dealership for the real experience.

  11. What is the warranty for battery, controller and motor of the krossmark Ev`s?

  12. The Krossmark Ev`s is powered by the advance technology. This electric vehicle battery controller and motor come with a warranty of 3 years or 1,00,000 Kms, whichever is earlier.

  13. Will the home charging unit be provided with krossmark vehicles?

  14. Yes, the home charging unit will be provided by the company to all who buy the krossmark vehicles.

  15. How far can Krossmark electric vehicle go on a full charge?

  16. It is important to keep in mind that the range a user can expect depends on a number of factors including riding style, tyre pressure, load on the vehicle, use of electrical accessories, such as lamps, horns and mobile phones etc.

  17. What is the fuel tank capacity of E Rickshaw?

  18. Not Applicable.

  19. Can I avail e rickshaw on EMI ?

  20. The monthly EMI of any 3 wheeler depends on the interest rate offered by bank, down payment made by the buyer and the loan tenure. Considering a 10% down payment and 15% rate of interest, the EMI of E Rickshaw is expected to be around Rs 3-5 lakhs.

  21. What is the tyre size ?

  22. Every product the tyre size varies. Please see the technical specifications for details.

  23. Where Can I get the spare ?

  24. Any authorised service center can provide spare, if the same is not avilable in local area, then you can contact krossmark help line and avil the spare.